Project //   The Touring Professionals Alliance, in partnership with the Lee Initiative collaborated with world renowned chefs to provide meals to touring professionals in need via the Touring Professionals Relief Kitchen. 
Created PSA videos to announce the launch of the Touring Professionals Relief Kitchen, provide information, and raise awareness. Videos were posted to social media by professional musicians, restaurants, LI and TPA.
Notable RoadblockS //  Due to the Covid environment, videos were provided by musicians and chefs to be used in PSAs  and were often taken selfie-style by the artists themselves. This required lots of post editing to ensure videos and content was delivered in the best way possible under the circumstances; some errors were unable to be remedied in post, due to time constraints.
Videos needed to remain at or under 1:00  in length in order to be posted on all social mediums. Videos that were over 1:00 were unable to be posted directly to Instagram Feed, and instead were posted to IGTV on the Instagram platform.
Additional Videos [available upon request] //  
Slash, Duff Mckagan, & Paul Peterson | Tom Morello | Randy Hoser, Lukas Nelson, & Chris Young

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